Funding our projects

The club is affiliated to the Albany Students' Association (ASA) and we are lucky to be able to gain access to some funding for our projects from them, but usually this funding can only cover 60-70% of the total costs. As the club is free for all students and staff, it means we need to seek funding from other sources  - one of which is donations.

If you would like to donate to the club, there are two easy ways you can do this.

  1. In person at the ASA office, located Level 2 Student Amenities Centre, Gate 1, Massey University, Albany.
  2. Or online deposit into the ASA bank account, reference GardenClub. Contact and bank details here

Below are some of our projects, including descriptions and their current status.

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    Edible Mushroom Growing

    A member expressed an interest in growing edible mushrooms. This can be done easily with a Mushroom Growing Kit,  available from DIY stores. We have plans to purchase two of these kits and set up a growing area at the garden.

    Status: Approved, volunteers required.
    Estimated cost: $79.68
    Funds available: $52.00 (65% funded by ASA, further funding sought)

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    Plants, seedlings and seeds

    A growing garden needs a supply of seeds and plants to keep going. Ideally we would one day be able to raise our own seedlings, but in the meantime we need to purchase these from the local nursery.

    This is an ongoing expense.

    Current funds remaining: $181.09

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    Strawberry Tower

    A series of 2 meter tall vertical pipes, with holes drilled in the side to house many strawberry plants. When the berries are ripe, the 'towers' will be moved to busy locations around the university for students to enjoy the strawberries for free!

    Have a look at our brochure for more details here

    Status: Approved, volunteers required.
    Estimated cost: $1,154.27 inc GST
    Funds available: $702.60+GST (70% Funded by ASA, further funding sought)

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    On site organic recycling, open to staff and students to bring in their kitchen/vegetable scraps that would normally end up in their rubbish bins and then sent on to landfill.

    Composting will be done by traditional methods, but other methods like Worm Farming and Bokashi bins will also be explored.

    Status: Planning

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    Rebuild garden beds

    The original garden beds are made from donated wood. While this has given the club gardens a interesting rustic look, unfortunately some of this wood has not lasted the test of time. A long term plan to replace all the bed frames with high quality macrocarpa sleepers.
    Also the framing that keep the Pukekoes out needs to be redesigned and built for ease of access for the club members.
    Overall this will produce a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing club garden.

    Have a look at our brochure for more details here

    Status: Applied for funding

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    Edible Landscape


    An initiative to plant fruit trees on unused land around the university, to produce free fruit for the students and the local community.

    Watch a passionate TED talk given by Pam Warhurst on this subject here

    Status: Planning